About Us

Careers360 addresses the wide ranging employment needs of both job seekers and employers.

Shelley is at the helm of Careers360 and draws on her education, a BA in Sociology and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and her impressive 360 degree expertise in the employment process. She has a solid comprehension of the values and skills required when applying and recruiting for a position.

She prides herself on her caring and focused approach and invests her time in partnering with all her clients to recognise how to best meet their varying needs. Shelley does not subscribe to a ‘burn and churn’ mentality, her focus is on quality not quantity.

Shelley appreciates that one size does not fit all and has built a model that addresses the many processes required to seek and recruit a position, allowing job seekers and employers to choose any service they require or, if preferred, a tailored package to maximise value.