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It is imperative that you understand today’s job market – in the Recruitment industry it is referred to as a client (or employer) market – in layman terms this just means the employer has the pick of the crop, that your competition is brutal at the moment.  The global credit crisis has resulted in huge losses of jobs in the shape of redundancies as companies cut costs in an attempt to survive in the global market and current economy.

So, you’ve sent numerous resumes to prospective employers believing you are the only job seeker good enough to employ… They will be on the phone immediately so as not to miss out on the fabulous opportunity employing you……  WRONG (in the majority of cases)!!!!  How I wish this was the case, we both know how fabulous you are but how can you make a potential employer see it too?

In this market an employer will dismiss your resume if a comma is in the wrong place… well you get the idea.  Your resume cannot display your personality but it does display your intelligence and skills. 

  • Make your skills relevant to the position you are applying for, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL in the job market;
  • Be vigilant in checking your spelling and grammar;
  • Do not just create a ‘shopping list’ of skills, e.g. filing, mail, typing, answer phones;
  • Do give importance to a task, i.e. rather than ‘filing’ list as ‘maintain company filing system’;
  • A career overview is always a good idea, although not imperative;
  • Achievements are an important consideration, it is a rare interviewer that does not ask about your achievements in a previous job.  This is a chance to impress at a glance; and
  • Instead of including your references, except in the case of a recruitment agency, note ‘References will be supplied upon request’.  This will diminish the number of unnecessary calls to your valuable referees, harassment does not encourage a great reference.

I hope this will give you the motivation to press ahead.  Good luck, keep positive and know we are here to help you snap up that job!

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